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Rutas de Nuestros Caminos (Routes of Our Paths) - Elsie Deliz, Marcos Dimas, James Reyes, & Jorge Luis Rodríguez

Poetry & Pose: Screen Tests by Andy Warhol - Andy Warhol, Curated by Greg Pierce

Hurry Home - Kiyomi Quinn Taylor

#WIP - Demetri Burke & Murjoni Merriweather, Presented by Cereus Art


Form, Function - Lautaro Cuttica

Backdrops & Other Props - Allie Cabal, Presented by Levings Vander Voort

Eurythmy - Indivi Sutton

Unknown Faces - Sang Eun

Room with a View - Charlie Hudson

Ugly Paintings - James Rubio

Liquidity - Curated by Natasha Roberts, Selected by Akeem K. Duncan, Marina Press Granger, & Maryana Kaliner

Ode to Duchamp; A Liar - Ryan Bock

Fool's Errand - Justin Cole & Colton Kruizenga, Presented by Blumka Contemporary

Love Thy Neighbor - James Reyes

Below Constructions - Capucine Bourcart, Silvia Muleo, Jingyao Huang, Yissho Oh, Al Svoboda

Clayjá Vu - Sasha Feldman, William J. O'Brian

Violet Marrow - Ambrose, Rhapsody Murray & Shabez Jamal, Presented by Cereus Art

Thresholds - Dylan Reitz Cruz

Further Geographies of Impermanence - Tasha Depp, Day Gleeson, Carolanne Patterson

land(e)scapes - Sono Kuwayama

170 Forsyth - Alexander Si

Denu Di Ekelsi Okono - Victoria Delesseps

(un)Timely Untethered - Group Exhibition


I Reckon - Luke Ivy Price

Evil Daisies and Heroic Demonesses - Julia Woronowicz

terbuka//tertutup - Angelica Yudasto

Sense of Place - Charlie Hudson

Figurines - Group Show

I Am Not Funded by the CIA - Ryan Bock

Two Finger - James Reyes

Soviets - Shepard Sherbell

Duping False Landscapes - Caslon Bevington

Las Ruina de Buenas Vibras Y Malos Actos - Bruno Smith

Open Tabs - Alex Leav

Half Life - Kiyomi Quinn Taylor


Ficciones - Group Show

Anti-Christmas Special - Ryan Bock

Chiasmus - Sono Kuwayama

2021-2022 Season - Group Show

Portraits of You - Sei Smith

Memory Keeper - Group Show

Thread or Thread - Alana Dee Haynes

Points of Distraction - Charlie Hudson


To Jonas with Love - Group Show

Salome - Luke Ivy Price

Works on Paper - Group Show

Base 12: Don't Call It a Comeback - Group Show

間 (Ma) - Sono Kuwayama


Bridging Grey - Annina Roescheisen

Somnambulist - Ryan Bock

Ebbs - Dylan Reitz-Cruz

Whams of Summer - Group Show

Ullumi - Group Show

unused, undone, etc., perhaps - Caslon Bevington

Eros - Luke Ivy Price

Floats - Bruno Smith

Witness: Beauty in the Truth - Group Show

Reflections 2 - Sei Smith


A Love Poem for New York - Jill Freedma

Rubbings of Vaporwave - Angelica Yudasto

First Draft - Group Show


Brick Bock Benefit - Ryan Bock

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