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Indivi Sutton
October 21, 2023 - November 26, 2023

Embodying Rudolf Steiner's philosophical tenets as the foundational impetus for this body of work, Eurythmy by Indivi Sutton apprehends the profound that encompasses all facets of human existence. By allowing ourselves to be fully engaged in our surroundings, breathing slowly and deeply, it is possible to embrace the impermanence and transparency of the world around us. The practice of Eurythmy is the visible manifestation of the art of listening to heart-speak through gesture and spatial expression and embodying the inner essence and qualities of color, by giving them form through stretching and contracting. Eurythmy's practice aims to awaken in the human soul, birthing a feeling of being alive and to develop humanity's relationship with the spiritual dimensions of life. 


Indivi's practice originates from her education at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, where the understanding of color was intrinsic to the ethos; the seasons provided a deep understanding of how light and color penetrate our beings. Indivi believes this engagement with each color in its pure form has manifested within her a sensory relationship with color and how it feels; not just seeing, but feeling the tones that live within an object, element, or place and in each breath. The paintings are of raw linen and pigment powders, where the pigment imbibes the raw linen, allowing the color its own expression. The colors that emerge onto the canvases for each work are formed from deep contemplation and observation of her surrounding world, the universal language of absence and presence, remembrance, and of hope and healing and essentially being human. 


Eurythmy by Indivi holds the resonance of the natural world's imprint on our beings and explores the indivisible nature of color, gesture, and soul. The work seeks to unfold the individual pulse within each color, while also connecting the viewer with our intuitive being; in doing so, it enables a deeper attunement to the subtle energies, ultimately fostering greater empathy, compassion, and contributing to the evolution of humanity towards greater unity and harmony.

Indivi (b.2000, New York, USA) resides in both Sydney and New York. Indivi's practice originates from her education at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, where she was introduced to an enchantment of color which has been the foundation of a deep desire to explore its interpretation and evocativeness in her painting.


Indivi works with natural pigment powders that imbibe the raw linen to create paintings that are resonant of experience and emotion being frequencies of the invisible. The tenor of Indivi’s work explores the nuance of emotional interdependence, the relationship between painting and memory. 


Indivi made her debut at Sydney Contemporary 2022 in a group show with Saint Cloche Gallery. Her practice has been recognized by both the Rudolf Steiner College and Steiner Education Australia.

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