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Rutas de Nuestros Caminos

(Routes of Our Paths)

Elsie Deliz, Marcos Dimas, James Reyes, & Jorge Luis Rodríguez

April 6th - May 5th, 2024

We are thrilled to present Rutas de Nuestros Caminos (Routes of Our Paths), a group exhibition highlighting some of the most exciting Puerto Rican contemporary artists in NYC! We will be exhibiting a wide range of talent that includes legends like Jorge Luis Rodríguez and Marcos Dimas as well as undiscovered talents like Elsie Deliz and new stars in the community such as James Reyes. CAfED and Grandma Collective take us on a journey that shows Puerto Rican artists' prolific and continuing impact in New York City. The gallery will be showcasing a collection of works including pieces made in the 70’s that were originally shown at the famed Just Above Midtown Gallery and have been exhibited at MoMA, as well as pieces finished this year in a studio in the Bronx. Rutas de Nuestros Caminos (Routes of Our Paths) gives a view into both the past and the future while celebrating the present.

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