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Ode to Duchamp; a Liar
Ryan Bock
07/12/2023 - 08/06/2023

Ki Smith Gallery is thrilled to announce a special surprise exhibition, Ode to Duchamp; a Liar, featuring Ryan Bock. In the tradition of Duchamp’s ‘Ready Made’ sculpture and borrowing from Dadaist theory, this monumental chess set is entirely comprised of antique piano parts gathered from an out of business piano factory in the Bronx. Chess, originally intended as a military strategy game, is designed quite literally as a playground for adults to act out violence, to appease murderous desire, and to simulate war. This interactive sculpture in this instance becomes an opportunity to explore the artist's deep rooted interest in puppetry and theater as well as becoming a satirical take on societal roles, government, and religion. Ryan Bock (also known as Bockhaus) explicitly and notoriously claims to 'never play games’ so please refrain from asking him to play a game with you.

Available Works

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