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Love Thy Neighbor
James Reyes

06/03/2023 - 07/02/2023

Ki Smith Gallery is thrilled to present Love Thy Neighbor by James Reyes. The works in this exhibition are complex amalgams of memory, imagination and fantasy depicted through rich oil paintings that move between loose gestural abstraction and highly rendered stylized figuration. Reyes’s process is reactive and intuitive using broad action packed gestures as a cryptic map to pull out subject matter, conger memory, and allow the abstraction of the under painting to act as a portal in to the subconscious.  The push and pull between the layers of the work mirrors memory and imagination, where some moments are crystal clear while others fade into swirls of abstraction. Reyes’s works depict a range of subjects and archetypes often intermingling figures with animals that suggest hidden desire, emotions and the unconscious.

Available Works

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