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Unknown Faces
Sang Eun
October 21, 2023 - November 26, 2023

Eun’s interpretation of nature, how the environment comes to him as an impression, matters in his photographic practice. For Eun, space has feelings as well as forms, and colors – air, trees, rocks, what’s around him – and that infuses the work. Eun focuses on having a deeper understanding of his inner experience that exists as a dialogue within himself. As a result, it often allows for a connection between consciousness and unconsciousness. Landscape painters and photographers represent the earth, sky, and the condition of gravity in comprehensive detail, however, in Eun’s photographs, he removes enough in a structural sense to convey his experience of an inner landscape.


Eun’s work involves an analog photographic printing process on hand-woven Korean/Japanese paper. This process suggests an intimate connection between the shown image and the textures of the work, providing the viewers with an enthralling experience instead of solely allowing them to look at the pictured object. This interaction is mirrored in the relationship between the beholder and the photograph. Eun depicts the color of the land, the feelings of the rocks, and the sound of the mountains that exist as an impression. “With my prints, we don’t all see depth in a conventional way”, Eun says. What Eun conveys to the viewer is to produce something that goes beyond an image which is the scale, texture, and the weight of his inner experience in order to stimulate theirs.

Available Works

Sang Eun (b. 1993, Seoul, South Korea) is an artist working with photography, printmaking, and film. Eun gained his interest in photography through photojournalism and later expanded to various genres of visual arts. After Eun moved to New York to achieve a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts, he started road trips across the United States where he was profoundly moved by the American landscape. Eun’s photographic practice explores the interpretation of the space, site, and the form of the objects to question his emotional states. 

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