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Backdrops and Other Props
presented by Levings Vander Voort
Allie Cabal
November 30, 2023 - January 7, 2024

Levings Vander Voort, is proud to announce, Backdrops and Other Props, a solo exhibition by fashion model and self-taught artist Allie Cabal as she introduces audiences to the unexplored truths of the industry.

Born in Panama City in 1999, Cabal's journey from her native Panama to the United States in 2019 reflects the pursuit of a dream. At the age of 19, she moved to New York to start a career in modeling, later channeling those experiences into her artwork, leading her to her first solo exhibition. Backdrops and Other Props showcases Cabal's introspective understanding of the New York fashion world, revealing the multifaceted nature of a model's life beyond the superficial glamor. Her monochromatic palette, a subtle nod to the industry's aesthetic, frames compositions constructed from her own modeling photos, digitally collaged and translated onto canvas, challenging the narrative of models as passive canvases “Allie’s work is nothing like I have ever seen before,” says Devon Vander Voort, co-curator of the exhibition. “What I love most about her work is her ability to infuse craftsmanship and color into works that challenge your known perspectives. I’ve learned so much through Allie, and I’m incredibly impressed at the work she is doing to honor her industry, but call it out at the same time.”


Cabal's work not only pays homage to the New York City modeling scene but also serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations about the industry. “I am honored everyday to get to do the work that I do,” says Cabal, “but I want people to be more aware of the industry and have conversations about it - that is not something that is typically done.”

Backdrops and Other Props unveils the collision between the art and fashion worlds, bringing a new purpose to the forefront through Cabal's unique perspective. As a new generation ushers in change, Cabal's work promises to spark conversations that challenge the mysteries surrounding the industry. In addition to the exhibition, a myriad of curated programming has been created to support the narrative of the show further. On preview day, Cabal is hosting a champagne hour to honor models in the industry and pay homage to the work that they do. Later in the month, Levings Vander Voort is hosting a panel between Allie Cabal and Devon Vander Voort to discuss the works in depth. The exhibition will also host a performance with a notable singer/songwriter, furthering the exhibition's ethos by combining multiple stage performances.

The exhibition opens with a reception on November 30 from 6-8PM and will be on view at Ki Smith Gallery until January 7, 2024

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About Allie Cabal

Working predominantly with oils and acrylics, self taught, contemporary artist Allie Cabal has been able to contribute her take on themes regarding sense of identity, repression, and estrangement inspired by her peripatetic lifestyle and experiences in the modeling world. Cabal, born in 1999, Panama City, Panama, takes influences from the illustrative style of Rene Magritte, and M.C Escher applying it to her comments on self actualization, escapism, and on going practice. The artist currently lives and works in New York City, and is most known for her greyscale surrealist and figurative style.

About Levings Vander Voort

Levings Vander Voort is a pioneering art advising firm based in the heart of New York City. Co-founded by Devon Vander Voort and Courtney Levings, both with educational backgrounds in Art History and Museum Studies, the firm caters to a diverse clientele, connecting collectors with established artists while also guiding collectors on the care of their collections. Embracing their Gen-Z perspective and women-owned identity, Levings Vander Voort is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the art world, fostering lasting connections between artists and collectors.

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