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Thresholds by Dylan Reitz-Cruz

10/22/2022 - 11/27/2022

Thresholds marks Dylan’s third time exhibiting at the gallery. His first solo show at the gallery was entitled Ebbs (2019) at our original location at 712 W 125th followed by a group show in which he was featured, First Draft (2021) at our 197 E 4th street location. The work exhibited in Thresholds will be a slight departure from Dylan’s previous work featured at the gallery, as it has evolved from the use of made material and animation to naturally found materials such as leaves, cacti, and tree roots in conversation with programming and robotics that allow them to be interactive and reactive. Over the course of the pandemic, Dylan has evolved his practice to integrate emerging media and technology to further facilitate his exploration of technology and natural material. Thresholds will feature a collection of interactive sculptures in which, based on the technology used, the object will react to the viewer’s presence or a source of external data or intelligence. Through the manipulation of these found objects, Dylan’s work underlines the nuances and intricacies of the natural world that are often overlooked. His work echoes the multifaceted and interconnected world, reframing it with both humor and curiosity.

Available Works

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