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Rubbings of Vaporwave
Angelica Yudasto
February 17, 2021- March 28, 2021

Yudasto is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in impressions of the body and the vulnerability evoked in what is easily shattered and dissolved. When she makes arrangements, the environment shifts. Her works are temporary recreations of her internal psyche using fragmented forms and the residual. Yudasto's responses to the space are recorded in the site-sensitive installation. Her pieces are momentary and transient. 


Rubbings of Vaporwave is composed of silken digital collages and flame-worked borosilicate glass that Yudasto conceived of during her residency at Boyd’s Station in Kentucky. Collected photographs and forms float on the near-transparent surface of the fiber like a fading memory. Yudasto asks, “What happens if the body’s inner anxieties and fragilities are reflected into our surroundings? Do they begin to look like trash, are they sharp, are they bulbous, do they look like floating echoes of silenced screams?”


The nuance of shadows and layering in the silk fabric adds to the confusion of what is digitally printed and what is layered. The degree of what can be seen moves back and forth in a way that complicates the source of the complete image. The glass arrangements beside it add to how the atmosphere is fractured by implication. The resulting image offers little glimpses and remnants of trauma, personal memory or a happening. 


Yudasto was Born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She received a BFA from the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and an MFA from Pratt Institute. She has participated in several group shows across the U.S. including exhibitions at the Wynwood Art District for the Wet Heat Project during Basel week, Blackfish Gallery in Portland, and the Art on the Vine Art Auction at the Portland Art Museum. Past residencies include Boyd’s Station Residency, Haystack Mountain School of Craft and the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation. She lives and works in Brooklyn. 

About Angelica Yudasto

Angelica Yudasto is an Indonesian-Peruvian artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Yudasto composes site-sensitive arrangements of ethereal tapestries and sculpted glass that act as a physical representation of her past traumas and inner anxieties. Collected photographs and forms float on the near-transparent surface of her digitally-printed silk works like a fading recollection of a bygone moment. Yudasto’s pieces are momentary and transient, responding to the vulnerability of the body and the fragility of memory, while collapsing the dimensionality of the spaces they inhabit.

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