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Jorge Luis Rodríguez

Originally from Puerto Rico, Jorge Luis Rodríguez arrived in New York City in 1963 at the intersection of the Minimalist and Optical Art movements, incorporating these elements into his works. Rodríguez began his career as a two-dimensional artist, but over the years began experimenting with sculpture. He enrolled in the School of Visual Arts where he met his mentors George Trakas, Brice Marden, and Louise Bourgeois. From there, Rodríguez began working in Harlem and SoHo where he created work for public installation. Rodríguez’s work emphasizes issues related to the representation of Black and Latin American culture and he frequently travels around the world conducting research to aid him in his artistic practices. Today, Jorge Luis Rodríguez has retired from his position as a college professor and continues to focus on his own work, which ranges from large scale installations to wall hanging sculptures. Rodríguez currently lives and works in New York City and has had works shown at institutions such as the Studio Museum in Harlem, the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, and the MoMA.

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