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Steel, plumb bob, string / acero, plomada, cuerda


Jorge Luis Rodríguez


A trip to Egypt and a diagram of the Great Pyramid of Giza inspired the artist to create this abstract, minimalist interpretation of the famed structure. Keops is thought to be the original coptic name of the pyramid, which in Latin became Cheops. As one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (and the last to remain nearly intact), the architectural design is said to demonstrate an advanced knowledge of several geometric and astronomical principles. One such example includes a scale model of the Earth’s northern hemisphere integrated into the Great Pyramid’s design, much like the dome of Cheops . By removing the exterior, Jorge Luis creates a negative image of the structure, leaving behind only the plumb bob, a leveling instrument that dates back to Ancient Egypt, as evidence of the verticality of the pyramid. The random markings on the surface of the steel dome allude to the astronomical alignments that may have dictated the original design of the pyramid, as well as the spiritual connection to the afterlife which the structure traditionally embodies.

Cheops / Keops, 1973

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