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Jorge Luis first exhibited this sculpture installation, then titled Mysteries of My Past, Present, and Future, in 1993 at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center in Staten Island, while simultaneously completing the fourth and final installation in a series dedicated to the memory of his friend, the artist Charles Abramson. More than two decades later, the work would be converted into a public installation on display at Tompkins Square Park in Lower Manhattan, where it was reimagined by the artist as a site of peregrination—hence, its new title. The oracles, in Classical Antiquity, were sought for counsel or predictions of the future, though the term may also refer to its location. In addition, the steel orb includes references to the astrological symbols of the signs of the Zodiac, further reinforcing the divinatory nature of the work. Upon entering the twelve-foot high structure, the viewer can either look through the celestial canopy above to observe the sky, or look downward at the light penetrating it, somewhat akin to the effect of a sundial.

Oraculo del pasado, presente y futuro, 1993-2016

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