(b. 1995, New Jersey)

Kiyomi Quinn Taylor is an American artist who lives and works in New York City. Taylor’s multimedia works act as portals into intimate worlds, revealing family history and examining the iconography of her mixed Black and Japanese heritage. Her paintings and dioramas seamlessly combine materials like lace, origami, velvet, and oil paint to create collaged vignettes of Taylor’s personal meditations on time travel, ancestral memory, and the chaotic force of love. Symbolic depictions of her relatives and alter egos congregate with dinosaurs and ​Star Trek ​characters, blurring the lines between memory, reality, and fantasy; allowing past, present and future to coexist in a single moment.

Since receiving her BFA from New York University, and MFA from Columbia University (2020), Taylor’s work has been exhibited nationally in Los Angeles, New York, and New Jersey, including notable group shows at Christie’s New York and the Lenfest Center in Harlem. Taylor has received several prestigious awards including the Helen Frankenthaler Painting Award, and NYU’s Art and Art Professions Department Award (2017). She shows with Ki Smith Gallery as well as Steve Turner (Los Angeles), and her works can be found in several prominent private collections.