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Gelatin silver print

11" x 14" 



Today is the dreaded day food prices are decontrolled, except for milk and bread, throughout most of the country. It is the first time these shoppers have ever seen a drastic price rise for staples like meat, sausage, eggs. Thus begins the "Big Bang" that Western economists prescribe for the Union's economic ills. For the second time in seventy-five years, Russians will have a completely new, mandatory economic idea forced upon them. Brought up to believe that the state will provide, these people are learning that they are part of the experiment too. Ekaterinburg, Russia. February 1992.


Inscription: [none]Condition: small loss along left edge, wear to corners.



Shepard Sherbell


"Today is the dreaded day food prices are decontrolled" 1992

Excluding Sales Tax
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