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Digital Print on Plexi Edition 1 of 1

(dual layered plexi) 

48”x 48” (122cm x 122cm)




For three months, British artist KESH lived at Catherine Ahnell Gallery in SoHo, developing her solo exhibition “LJUS2” which included THREE. “That’s how I tend to work,” she says. “I always live and work within the space.” KESH’s digitally manipulated self-portraits such as THREE reference “LJUS2,” which translates from Swedish to “Light.” For this piece, KESH began with as

many as 1,200 images which she digitally collaged and printed on large-scale Plexiglas. Printing on Plexiglas was an experiment that began with smaller pieces during her previous show “Flight:RS279” in L.A. In spite of her large source material, certain elements, such as a graphic black-and-white eye and a numerological exhibition title continually recur throughout her practice.

THREE - LJUS2, 2016

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