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Digital Print on Paper 1 of 1

30” x 30” (76.2 cm x 76.2 cm)




The Secret Six is a series of six unique digital prints embodying three separate designs in two different colourways. The six works became the source material for the artist’s participation in the group exhibition DIGITALIA at The Museum of The African Diaspora. The pieces were displayed physically and digitally via large scale digital screens. The artist collaborated with Wieden & Kennedy to develop the works into Augmented Reality (AR) interactive artworks activated by phone. KESH is regarded as one of the first artists to exhibit augmented reality artwork, predating the rise of NFTs.

Following the major success of DIGITALIA, KESH's work was selected to be turned into a large-scale physical billboard with AR capabilities at the renowned The Belt for Detroit Art Week.

T/H/R/E/E - Secret Six, 2014

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