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Room with a View
Charlie Hudson
September 9th, 2023 - October 15th 2023

We are so excited to host Charlie Hudson's second solo exhibition at Ki Smith Gallery. Room with a View is a contemporary exploration of city-scape, perspective, and perception. In his practice, Hudson deeply examines his urban surroundings and explores space through memory, observation, and appreciation. This new body of work provides windows into the artist's psyche as well as the familiar streets of New York City, allowing the viewer to see the City through a saturated and romanticized lens.

Ugly Paintings
James Rubio
September 9th, 2023 - October 15th 2023

Ki Smith Gallery is thrilled to be presenting our first solo show with the iconic Downtown artist James Rubio. The Ugly Paintings are an energetic reaction to "nowism" and the vibrant flooding of the present. Using bright colors and humor to explore darkness and fear, Rubio's work gives the viewer a look at the now-and-pending future through a style that references and updates the underground of the past. Rubio employs stylized cartoon motifs to present both familiar and imagined characters, allowing a space to meditate on the sensory overload that is everyday life.

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