Ryan Bock CV




  • Bocktropolis 3.0, Garden Studio  (Bowery, NYC)


  • Bocktropolis 2.0, Super Chief Gallery  (Queens, NY)

  • Bocktropolis, Apostrophe NYC, Mana Contemporary (Jersey City, NJ)


  • Shadowboxing, Macie Gransion, (Lower East Side, NYC)


  • Shamanistic Tendencies, Apostrophe NYC Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)



  • Birthday, Good Mother Gallery (Oakland, CA)

  • Walls to Smalls, Deep Space Gallery (Jersey City, NJ)


  • Juxtapoz Clubhouse, (Downtown Miami, FL)

  • Apostrophe NYC Fundraiser, The Warehouse (Bronx, NY)

  • Little Big Show, Apostrophe NYC, Mana Contemporary (Jersey City, NJ)

  • Street Pop, Buddy Warren Gallery (Lower East Side, NYC)

  • 40th Year Arts Magnet Alumni Exhibition, Hudson Foundation Gallery (Dallas, TX)

  • Open House, Mana Contemporary (Jersey City, NJ)

  • BSMT Nights: April Fools, Mana Contemporary ( Jersey City, NJ)

  • Behind the Walls, Part 1, Ground Effect (Paris, France)

  • Art World, Wayfarer’s Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Again in Art City, Mana Contemporary ( Jersey City, NJ)

  • Laser Prints, Mana Contemporary (Jersey City, NJ)

  • Kluster Fest, Gargantua (Paris, France)

  • ArtRooms, Melia White House (London, Great Britain)

  • Camoghini Winter Installation, American Two Shot  (SOHO, NY)


  • BSMNT Nights, Mana Contemporary (Jersey City, NJ)

  • Apostrophe NYC Secret Base 12 Pop Up, Juxtapose Clubhouse (Wynwood, Miami, FL)

  • The Casual Art Fair, (Lower East Side, NYC)

  • Save Art Space The World Today, Petite Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Apostrophe NYC Subway Popup, Kosciuszko J Train Platform (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Base 12 Popup #2, Ps1 MoMa, Apostrophe NYC (Queens, NY)

  • Festival of Colors: Holi NYC (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Base 12 Popup #1, Whitney Museum of American Art, Apostrophe NYC (Manhattan, NY)

  • 1080 Project Space Group Show, Rockwall Studio (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Studio 9 Launch Event  (Manhattan, NY)


  • Beware of the Monsters CMJ Showcase, Paperbox (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Burlington Art Hop, Apostrophe NYC Truck Show (Burlington, VT)

  • Brooklyn Renaissance Festival (East New York, NY)

  • Ka-lei-do-scope, Lyons Wier Gallery (Chelsea, NYC)

  • Apostrophe Subway Show 2, Kosciuszko Station (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Festival of Colors: Holi NYC, The Cultural Performing Arts Center (Brooklyn, NY)

  • TeamBackPack-Live Art NYC, YouTube Space (Chelsea, NY)



  • BFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL)