we are proud to be supporting and donating to the 
Rudolf Steiner School

As an alumni of the Rudolf Steiner School I often reflect on the incredible community and support baked into the curriculum and ethos of the school. Steiner is not like most private schools; it focuses on its students as individuals giving them the confidence and courage to enter many different facets of the professional world. When I look at my fellow alumni I feel grateful to see so many radiant and successful entrepreneurs across all industries; Steiner's holistic view of education allows its alumni to succeed in all sectors. From actors in Batman to tech entrepreneurs to fashion designers to artists and science professionals, there is no limit to the potential given by a Steiner education. To me it is no coincidence that after running an art gallery for over 10 years when I look around the room, many of the artists that we work with come from Waldorf backgrounds, some from Steiner directly, and others from Waldorf schools across the nation. I am so proud to be giving back to the education that has provided so many incredible opportunities and contacts for me. 



The generosity exhibited in events such as the annual Steiner Gala is an incredible display of the robust and vibrant community that allows students from all walks of life to have the opportunity to experience such a balanced and nurturing education. While shopping on this online portal you will not only be acquiring incredible new artworks for your collection but will also be supporting the Rudolf Steiner School and continuing to insure that future students can have the wonderful opportunities that me and my peers are so lucky to have had. The gallery is proud to be donating 20% of our commission from all sales directly to the Rudolf Steiner School. Over half of the works in this exclusive collection were created by artists with a Waldorf background.

Caslon Bevington
(b. 1992, Bethlehem)