Tired of online viewing rooms? We've got a reel way to see the next generation of New York City artists.


We're bringing the art gallery into your home with the original virtual reality technology. Introducing the Ki Smith Gallery VR Experience. Each box set includes a customized viewer, a slide reel showcasing seven solo exhibitions, an accompanying catalogue of selected works from each exhibition, and more!


This first-edition reel features images from the following Ki Smith Gallery exhibitions:  


  • Reflections 2 by Sei Smith
  • Floats by Bruno Smith
  • unused, undone, etc., perhaps by Caslon Bevington
  • Ebbs by Dylan Reitz
  • Somnambulist by Ryan Bock
  • Bridging Grey by Annina Roescheisen
  • 間 (Ma) by Sono Kuwayama

Ki Smith Gallery VR Experience

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