September 30th, 2020- November 7th, 2020
Luke Ivy Price

2021-2022 Season
September 17th 2021- October 27th 2021 
Bruno Smith, Sono Kuwayama, Ryan Bock, Sei Smith, Kiyomi Quinn Taylor, Caslon Bevington

Memory Keeper
August 12th 2021- August 29th 2021
Alex Lear, Alexander Si, Alyssa Freitas, Dylan Rose Rheingold, Ji Min Hwang, Xing Li 

Thread or Thread
May 14th, 2021- June 20th, 2021
Alana Dee Hanes

Points of Distraction
Part I: March 31st, 2021- April 11, 2021
Part II: April 6th, 2021- May 9th, 2021

Charlie Hudson

Rubbings of Vaporware
February 17th, 2021- March 28th, 2021
Angelica Yudasto

First Draft
January 6th, 2021- February 14, 2021
Caslon Bevington, Dylan Reitz, Sei Smith