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Parallel Figures
DeepPond Kim
07/08/2023 - 08/06/2023
DeepPond Kim_ Bi-polar, 2019, ceramics and epoxy, 11.25x16.5x9.5 inches.jpg

Ki Smith Gallery is thrilled to be presenting Parallel Figures, featuring DeepPond’s ongoing series of sculptures, “Disorder”. In this series of works DeepPond depicts bodies and the human form through a realist-surrealist lens that demonstrates the uncertainty provoked by intercultural conflicts in contemporary societies. She alters the body by extracting deceptively symmetrical and/or parallel shapes from her figurative sculptures. This modification of the body alerts us to the friction that arises when “perfect” societal structures are challenged by an influx of “imperfect” values.

This collection of work references the body through dissecting, disassembling, and reassembling their fragmented parts. These incomplete figures invite the viewer to peer into the vulnerability of the body through the metamorphosis of form, inciting subtle feelings of anxiety and hostility which can arise from an encounter with the unfamiliar. Across her practice, DeepPond considers the fluctuating acceptance of diversity and the equally fluctuating definitions of minorities. Her sculpture blurs the lines between fiction and reality, humor and horror.

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