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(b. 1991, Brooklyn)

Morell Cutler is a visual media artist with a BFA from California College of the Arts. He grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant and has studied art since he was a small child, and has maintained a drawing and painting practice since the end of his studio residency at Mana Contemporary in 2018. Cutler employs a vivid color palette to compose internal-landscapes/symbolic still lives, exploring the cultural and personal significance of his identity as a black gay man in contemporary America. Cutler references the body symbolically and sensually through weighted psychic-objects often tropical fruit and flora. 


In 2019, Cutler released his directorial debut and first short film as lead actor and writer, entitled Cafe Kiki. His short film premiered at Ki Smith Gallery in Harlem. The artist is carefully crafting the feature version of Cafe Kiki, which he plans to shoot and release later this year.

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