(b. 1991, New York City)



James Reyes was born in 1991 in the Bronx, New York, where he still currently lives and works as an artist. Since 2011 Reyes has focused mainly on painting but continues to work in other mediums such as drawing, sculpting, story writing, music, and photography. He considers painting to be his passion and his calling in life. Inspired by the world around him, he describes his work as a visual diary that will “hopefully make sense when all is said and done”. There is no set plan, sketch, or idea when Reyes starts a painting. Emerging from gestural sometimes chaotic brush strokes, splashes, drips, sprays, scrapes, and smears, Reyes seeks to make sense of some of it but not all. Says Reyes: “There is a freedom in the first steps, that in the later days of a painting seem to escape me. Then it comes full circle, and I find that enjoyment again, as I find my groove for that particular piece."