(b. 1993, Lima, Peru)


Angelica Yudasto is a multi-disciplinary artist interested in impressions of the body and the vulnerability evoked in what is easily shattered and dissolved. When she makes arrangements, the environment shifts. Her works are temporary recreations of her internal psyche using fragmented forms and the residual. Yudasto's responses to the space are recorded in the site-sensitive installation. Her pieces are momentary and transient. 

Recently, she has been experimenting with flame-worked glass and digitally printed fibers to expand on her internal meditations in reaction to physical space. The work is naturally autobiographical in how they behave as mappings and tracings of her memories, attraction to soft objects, to drawing, to translucency, and to mirroring. 

Yudasto was Born in Lima, Peru, and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She eventually made her way to Miami, Florida where she has participated in group shows including exhibitions at the Wynwood Art District for the Wet Heat Project during Basel week. She has also been included in group shows at the Blackfish Gallery in Portland, OR as well as been invited to be at the Art on the Vine Art Auction at the Portland Art Museum. Past residencies include Haystack Mountain School of Craft and the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation.